Every home has a story
We’re here to help you tell it.

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Who Make It Happen

We’re on a mission to change the lives of property owners by re-innovating the process of buying and selling a home. At Crestbrick, our approach to every home or investment property is based on the MARS approach — Marketing, Aesthetics, Research and Strategic Negotiation. Whether you are a new or experienced Homeowner, Homevestor or Investor, we assess your needs before diving deep into the psychology behind a home to help you find a perfect fit.

meet the team

why us

We are game changers providing a different perspective in the business of buying and selling homes.


We provide 360° video home tours and personalised brochures to creatively market and showcase the best impression of your home. This helps potential buyers visualise and experience a home through the most complementary lens.


Every space in a home holds meaning to someone at a moment in time. We incorporate the use of textures, scents and sounds to appeal to your five senses. This contributes to the perception of sensory experiences, allowing us to recreate the showroom experience to make buyers feel right at home.


Every recommendation is backed by our research. Our trained and experienced associates excel in assisting you in the assessment of your options in the market and matching you with the right home.

Strategic Negotiation

There are many components that go into a successful sale of a home. We stay abreast with the latest market prices and trends to help you bring to the table the best value your home has to offer.

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