Behind-The-Scenes: Staging High Park Residence Apartment

Germaine Chow
Germaine Chow



Having been in the industry for many years, my love for real estate and the desire to grow my property investment portfolio has grown exponentially over the years. It has always been a dream of mine to one day run a real estate brokerage, after learning firsthand that the experience of buying and selling properties overseas is not very different from the experience here in Singapore.

My business partners and I wanted to recreate the buying and selling experience for the better, to change the lives of property owners. That is how we came to the realization that our approach — MARS : Marketing, Aesthetic Staging, Research and Data, and Strategic Negotiation — was a way to plug the gaps in the industry and re-innovate a buyer’s perspective.

Before kickstarting our marketing efforts, our associates will conduct an audit of your home and assess what more could be done to up its appeal. Staging of furniture may be required to bring out the best qualities of your home.

Once your home is ready to be marketed and for viewings, our associates will engage professional photography and videography services. Resale homes on the market often do not come with their new launch marketing brochures, hence we recreate brochures for potential buyers to take home with them and browse through in their free time.

The marketing team will also utilise these collaterals in the listings on the various property platforms. We frequently monitor the performance of the listings, at times reposting and boosting it, to ensure that your home will always stay atop of competitors.

We tap onto our five senses to conduct a memorable viewing experience for potential buyers. The furniture used will be curated to complement the overall theme of the home.

Imagine entering a home with the classical tunes of Mozart or Debussy playing in the background and a light and sweet vanilla scent in the air, to create an atmosphere where buyers feel a sense of calmness, tranquility, joy and relaxation. We want buyers to be in the best environment to take their time to appreciate and savour the experience of the home and what it would be like living in it.

Our research team has extensive experience of local properties and the real estate landscape in Singapore. They will be able to highlight the unique selling points of units as well as its surrounding amenities. More importantly, we have access and can track past transaction data to justify a seller’s asking price.

Strategic Negotiation
Being the exclusive agent for our listings, we will be able to curate an open house viewing itinerary, personalised to each potential buyer. By strategically arranging specific viewing time slots, buyers will be able to privately view even units that are highly sought after. Once the offers come in, we will then negotiate for the best prices to create a win-win situation for all parties.

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