Interested To Invest In London?

Discover Rare Opportunities at our Crestbrick London Roadshow

Our research team has spotted an opportunity comparable to investing in the city fringe 10 years ago— with expected ROI of 12.6% per year.

We’ll be unveiling these exact developments at our roadshow. To find out more, click on the button to book an appointment.

Who is this Roadshow for?

This roadshow is for investors keen on expanding their portfolio with properties that are not just safe, but can give you returns starting from 12.6% year on year. Beyond that, these select London properties are ideal for investors who aspire to leave a legacy for their next generation.

Interested? Book an appointment to attend the roadshow, where a friendly Crestbrick team member will contact you personally and walk you through the developments.

And if you’d like to hear from an experienced Singaporean investor who owns multiple properties in both Singapore and London, join us for our Retirement and Legacy Building with UK Properties keynote at 2pm. (Limited to 20pax)

How do we discover opportunities with such returns?

The answer is simple: we create them.

At Crestbrick, we methodically architect investment opportunities through a network of partnerships built over the years (such as direct developer relationships), giving you:
Pre-researched properties
that pass (or exceed) all our criteria (top developers, great amenities, fantastic build, all at great value)
Pre-selected units
that help you win even at the project level (not all units are equal. We’ll select the ones that will have the best potential and value)
Pre-negotiated bulk deal discounts
that are typically reserved only for ultra high net worth individuals and big purchasers

Past London Projects

Elephant & Castle
Capital Growth: £323,000
Woodberry Down
Capital Growth: £150,000


In this 1-hr appointment-only event, we’ll reveal to you our pre-selected developments in London. You have 2 options, to join our keynote presentation at 2pm, or speak directly to our associates about the developments. For both options, you’ll be supported by our associates who’ll show you the projects through our interactive TV, show you the step-by-step process of how to own a UK property and answer any of your queries.
Yes, the event is free of charge. You can bring your friends, spouse or your family members too, just let our associates know in advanced and we would make the arrangements for you.
Our associate will contact you via whatsapp to arrange an alternative date with you.
They are our licensed property consultants who are there to assist you in any questions you have about investing in UK properties.
Feel free to make an appointment with our associates to understand more about UK Property Investing. Honestly, when our clients first started, there were a lot of doubts and skepticism too, but once they understood how it worked and trust that we could deliver, then they made the investment. By the way, the associates are all property investors too (so they understand your concerns completely).

Interested? Don't miss this...

Don't miss this...

We will be revealing the opportunities in the roadshow. Book your appointment below.

Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, Room 320

3 & 4 Sept 2022

Open from 11am - 9pm
3 Sept (Sat) 2pm, Appointment + Keynote Presentation (available)
4 Sept (Sun) 2pm, Appointment + Keynote Presentation (FULL)

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All overseas investments carry additional financial, regulatory and legal risk. Investors are advised to do their research and due diligence beforehand.
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