Our Values

Crestbrick is a real estate brokerage that serves buyers and sellers based in Singapore. The brokerage is led by its Founder, Germaine Chow and Ivan Cai.

The brokerage was founded in the UK while Germaine and Ivan, were visiting the country in search for properties. They saw the need for an agency that could go the extra mile for their clients – having their best interests in mind before advising them based on their needs rather than simply completing a sale.

We are on a mission to change the lives of property owners by re-innovating the process of buying and selling a home. Our approach to every home or investment property is based on MARS — Marketing, Aesthetics, Research and Strategic Negotiation. Whether you are a new or experienced Homeowner, Homevestor or Investor, we assess your needs before diving deep into the psychology behind a home to help you find a perfect fit.


We are incredibly passionate about everything we do – our work and gaining insights on the property market. Our mantra is to live life to the fullest; give our 200% and strive to be the best version of ourselves.


We are all about forging lifelong relationships with our clients and associates as they form a solid foundation for Crestbrick. Sparking change in the industry is no easy feat but we are committed to making it a reality together.


We are dedicated to achieving growth and success for our clients. Propelling ourselves forward by always questioning how things can be done better, seeking to learn and re-innovate the way people perceive homes.


Ethicality is crucial and elemental in business and life. We are responsible for every client as well as ourselves to make objective recommendations. This translates into forging transparency and trust in order to form deeper connections between clients and us.


We trust in data to fuel our every decision. Our associates are trained in different aspects of real estate and collaborate as a team to provide clients with data-driven insights on potential homes or investment properties.