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You've been directed here because you have expressed interest in joining the Crestbrick family and have been referred. We love to have people of common mission and values join us. So do read through this page where we share some of our core values and beliefs.

"We" vs "I"

We believe in building a team that shares our mission of transforming lives through real estate investment. It's about transforming lives and celebrating our client's milestones rather than celebrating a "$1M commission" or flashy cars.


We're big on values.

We are more value-driven rather than commission-driven. Our team members need to care for our clients first and ensure they make the right property purchases. We will always advise the most suitable project instead of selling the highest commission project.


No man is an island

We work hand in hand with our team members. No team member has a smaller role than the other. Everyone has a specific role to play and is vitally important in our organization as well as the client’s property journey.


If the above is something that speaks to you, and you affirm with, here’s what to do next!

Film an intro video with the following details.
Share with us:
  1. A short intro of yourself
  2. Your prior work experience
  3. The reason for joining the real estate industry
  4. What you are looking for in the agency you join
  5. What you want to achieve
  6. If you could choose, describe your favourite working style with your ideal leader
Upload your video to any online storage platform and submit your details and video through the application form below.
If you're selected, you'll be invited to our office for a face-to-face interview with Germaine and/or Benny.

Drop us your application now and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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Good Luck!